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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


High Court re-opens Rubiya Saeed Case, summons accused

The Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah did not want to capitulate. But the Central government accepted their demands and freed the jailed militants.



MEPs, Experts, Scholars and Academics excoriate CPEC in European Parliament, Brussels

Junaid Qureshi, Director EFSAS, chaired the Seminar and gave a profound insight on the objectives of EFSAS while also giving an introduction to the topic, especially in regard to CPEC’s disastrous effects on the issue of Jammu & Kashmir.


Replacement of Basant Rath had other reasons too!

Well, days after the digital war between the two popular faces of Kashmir, the 2000 batch IPS officer Rath was removed from his post amid lot of speculations. It was not first time that Rath landed in controversy but on several occasions in past too.


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Khankah-e-Maulla shrine gets refurbished crown

The crown is primarily made up of copper and has been electroplated with gold. The 110 kg crown together with top leaf stands at 11 ft in height. It has a diameter of four feet and three inches.

وادی کشمیر واقعی زمین پر جنت ہے/ ابھیشیک بچن

سری نگر ، 17 اپریل (یو ا ین آئی) بالی وڈ اداکار ابھیشیک بچن نے کہاکہ وادی کشمیر واقعی زمین پر جنت ہے اور...

Govt decides to move SRO-202 appointees to new framework

The government today decided to move the appointees under SRO-202 to a new framework as also to extend the benefits of pay revision under 7th pay commission to all such employees right from January 1, 2016.


Manan Wani from Pen to Gun

Adnan Naqeeb This year on June 6, Manan Wani put his feelings on paper saying ‘we are soldiers we don’t fight to die but to...

Of Unsaid Goodbyes

I was earlier angry about Aafaq abandoning me for a suicide mission that too without informing me. His mother had the same ordeal as he had abandoned his family a month before he went on a suicide mission.

Feminism, Misandry and Male Helplessness

Men get cheated on, deceived or traumatized in relationships but they pretend to put a strong face because if they display emotions they are tagged as being cheeky, girlish and too effeminate who recount their ordeals just to gain sympathy.

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