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Friday, May 24, 2019


Zakir Musa Gunned Down in Tral Encounter

A police officer said that the cordon was laid following inputs about the presence of the militant commander of Ansar Gazwatul Hind Zakir Musa.



White House seeks $4.5 billion in emergency border aid

None of the $4.5 billion would be used to build a border wall, the official confirmed.


Sikh Community launches Drug De-addiction campaign in Kashmir

"I will fight against drugs de-additiction till my last breathe to save the young generation of my Kashmir from the destruction,"


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Govt decides to move SRO-202 appointees to new framework

The government today decided to move the appointees under SRO-202 to a new framework as also to extend the benefits of pay revision under 7th pay commission to all such employees right from January 1, 2016.

This season IPL has less audience in Kashmir

Most of the cricket fans in Kashmir taking the side of their favorite cricket team Pakistan have announced on social media sites to boycott the IPL Season 11 as a mark of protest.

Govt announces major hike in advertisement rates for newspapers

The Government has in today’s order also covered all the segments of newspapers including weeklies, fortnightlies, bi-weeklies and monthly magazines in the new rate structure announced today.

امر ناتھ یاترا کشمیر کے لئے تُحفہ

محمدعارف ، کشمیر نیوز بیورو مورخہ10 جولائی2017کے ایک اخبار میں یہ رپورٹ شائع ہوئی ہے کہ ’ہر سال یاترا کے دوران ہزاروں کی تعداد میں...


Kashmir: From Internal to International issue in one day

Let's hope the better sense prevails and a peaceful solution is worked out before progressive aspirations of billions of people get hampered or even washed away.

Manan Wani from Pen to Gun

Adnan Naqeeb This year on June 6, Manan Wani put his feelings on paper saying ‘we are soldiers we don’t fight to die but to...

Of Unsaid Goodbyes

I was earlier angry about Aafaq abandoning me for a suicide mission that too without informing me. His mother had the same ordeal as he had abandoned his family a month before he went on a suicide mission.

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Ramadan is not only about worship

The time of Ramadan is an opportunity for all of us to seek the forgiveness of those whom you might have offended accidentally or deliberately. In this way, we can benefit much more from fasting and prayers.