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Friday, January 18, 2019


Kashmir: Human Rights Defender booked under Rape Charges

She felt a need for some financial assistance and it was then that someone put her across to Ahsan Untoo who promised her financial help from his organization and elsewhere.



Peace Activist Bashir G Kakroo passes away in US

Bashir was living in Dayton Ohio with his American wife and used to visit Kashmir Valley frequently where he prefers to spend time at his ancestor’s property, Samad’s Peace Island.


Desecration of Jama Masjid Unacceptable

But at the end of year 2018 it was heart wrenching to see that the same pious pulpit of historical Jamia Masjid was desecrated by some vested interest miscreants who don't even know about the etiquette of Masjid.


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Mehbooba announces Rs 10 Million for each Srinagar MLAs to strengthen social infra

She also asked the Health Department to explore the possibility of shifting the shopkeepers at Gousia hospital to a nearby complex and use that space for hospital activities.

Indian Air Force saves young Kashmiri boy

The copter was diverted to the landing site, inflight, and after a successful landing Taufik and his father were picked up and despite the continuous snowing and low clouds they were evacuated to Srinagar.

Kashmiri youth drowns to death in Oman Muscat

After legal formalities, the body of Irfan was brought back to Srinagar on Wednesday. And was later laid to rest at his ancestors graveyard.

AJK Supreme Court Bar Association awards Honorary Membership to Deepika Rajawat

In spite of these threats, she wants to keep fighting this case, not just for Asifa, but also for her young daughter. She has implored the Supreme Court to provide her family and her with safety.


Manan Wani from Pen to Gun

Adnan Naqeeb This year on June 6, Manan Wani put his feelings on paper saying ‘we are soldiers we don’t fight to die but to...

Of Unsaid Goodbyes

I was earlier angry about Aafaq abandoning me for a suicide mission that too without informing me. His mother had the same ordeal as he had abandoned his family a month before he went on a suicide mission.

Feminism, Misandry and Male Helplessness

Men get cheated on, deceived or traumatized in relationships but they pretend to put a strong face because if they display emotions they are tagged as being cheeky, girlish and too effeminate who recount their ordeals just to gain sympathy.

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