World Mental Health Day: Mental cases in Kashmir alarming

136 | Bilal Bashir Bhat | 10 Oct 2017 

Srinagar, Oct 10 (Only Kashmir): As the world is today observing World Mental Health Day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy, the psychiatrists have warned that the number of cases which currently is above 50 thousand may rise due to the ongoing braid chopping incidents in the length and breadth of Kashmir.

The figures provided to Kashmir based news portal Only Kashmir by Government Psychiatric Diseases Hospital Srinagar Kashmir for mental health care has revealed like past ears this year also over 50,000 people were treated in the hospital including at SMHS Community center. The psychiatrists warned that the number of cases may rise due to the ongoing braid chopping incidents in the length and breadth of Kashmir.

Speaking to Only Kashmir Dr. Muhammad Maqbool Dar said that the figures are alarming, adding, if you take psychiatric problems as such there are three factors in the mental illness, one is the biological, psychosocial and environmental.

Giving details about the psychiatric patients, Dr. Maqbool Dar said that 33,180 and 15,354 patients visited Psychiatric Diseases Hospital and SMHS Community Centre respectively this year.

“Presently 760 patients are admitted in both hospitals with male 636 and female 124, alarmingly Srinagar has topped the list with 270 patients, and we have also set up a drug de addiction centre at SMHS hospital but unfortunately it is not publicizing well, and people prefer private institutions.”

He said the Biological factor is due to the genetic condition which causes a psychological effect. Biological factors are seen as the primary determinants of human behavior. Individuals who are deemed to be psychosocially healthy aren’t completely devoid of problems. Actually, it’s not the quantity or quality of a problem, or lack thereof, which makes someone sound in this respect. It’s the way people view themselves and how they deal with stressful situations that sets psychosocially healthy people from those who are not.

Pertinently, nowadays there is a great deal of panic among the people of Jammu and Kashmir following incidents of braid cutting, which according to psychiatrists can cause a rise in complexity of human psychology in conflict-torn Kashmir. (OK)