International Day of the Girl Child and Kashmir


International Day of the Girl Child and Kashmir – Only Kashmir Behind the News
Bilal Bashir Bhat
Today, as the world is observing International Day of the Girl Child aimed to promote women empowerment, the women folk in Kashmir are facing the challenge to save its modesty, dignity and honor due to the growing braid chopping incidents in the nook and corner of the Kashmir Valley at the hands of anonymous elements.

Though these attacks are intolerable and unacceptable at the same time these incidents have exposed the champions of Civil Society members who used to rise on the political occasions but failed to pursue the cases to brought justice for poor victims.
The incidents have also raised the questions on the working scenario of government institutions, intelligence and Jammu and Kashmir who till date miserably failed to grab the elements involved in such heinous crime.
The other story of these incidents is that it could turn into a major political crisis, as people are now on streets in their respective areas in a bid to foil any braid chopping incident. So far some two persons already lost their lives, still, the clouds of life destruction are there and visible.
The need of the hour is sane voice should come on forefront before it is too late. In a state of perpetual fear there is every possibility it could more worsen the situation in Kashmir and history is witness that a spark is enough to engulf the whole population in Kashmir. Today the message of International Day of the Girl Child demands us to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face in Kashmir with an aim to defeat the designs and conspiracies behind these braid chopping incidents. (OK)