Meet Yasir Rouf Dalal- the man safeguarding the sanctity of Jamia Masjid


Only Kashmir | Bilal Bashir Bhat | 09 Nov 2017
Raising voice for a positive change and equipping young people with the skills they need to avoid desecration of a very sacred place like historic Jamia Masjid Srinagar is indeed a risky job, only for these reasons a dedicated and committed person like Advocate Yasir Rouf Dalal is being trolled by some miscreants on social networking sites.
Advocate Yasir Rouf Dalal who is carrying the political legacy of his forefathers presently serving as leader of Awami Action Committee (AAC) under the patronage of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq along with other AAC members has taken an initiative and launched a drive to protect the sanctity of Jamia Masjid after reports of some incidents were reported where a number of miscreants were found act cowardly aimed at weakening the centrality and significance of the grand mosque.
Jamia Masjid
“The historic Jamia Masjid is the spiritual centre of confluence, therefore, every Muslim in Kashmir is bound to safeguard its sanctity. Reports and pictures on Social media suggest that some masked youth who assemble outside Jamia Masjid on Fridays are not only found harassing the devotees but also vandalizing the property of Jamia Masjid thus undermining the sanctity of the mosque. We are in just struggle so should always tackle with iron fist any hooliganism , said Yasir Dalal while talking to”
He said that after a meeting with senior citizens and traders fraternity we came to conclusion that a drive of counseling these youth will be launched to bring an end to the threats pertaining to the sanctity of Jamia Masjid. As a reaction to this noble cause we see some anonymous netizens have launched a malicious campaign to defame us, but we would not succumb and will carry the mission with zeal and zest, as it is our religious obligation,” Yasir added.

Sheikh Yasir Rouf Dalal son of Sheikh Abdul Rouf Dalal a prominent Muslim Conference leader keeping his father’s and grandfather Sheikh Salam Dalal’s legacy and mission quit the job of legal advisor at Jammu and Kashmir Bank to join the ‘pro-movement’ camp. The anti-miscreant drive evoked a positive and appreciable response from all the shades of opinions.
Pertinently, a particular page on social networking giant Facebook has updated a series of posts aimed to character assassinate the persons involved in safeguarding the Jamia Masjid sanctity including Yasir Dalal, Sahil War alias Boya and others.
Sahil War an activist of AAC is also experiencing hardship these days as the page has started malicious campaign against him for his stand against the immoral and unruly elements, however, a majority of sane voices have come on forefront to defend him. (OK)