Rasiq Bhat launches NGO ‘God’s Grace’ in Jammu


Only Kashmir News Desk
Jammu, Nov 12 (Only Kashmir): Aimed to work for the welfare of needy people in Jammu and Kashmir particular, promising youth of North Kashmir Rasiq Bhat Sunday launched a Non-Government Organization (NGO) titled ‘God’s Grace’ here in Jammu during an impressive function. The NGO aims to work with international Organizations to create an environment where all children are treated with dignity and respect, and given all the opportunities they need to succeed.
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Rasiq Bhat said every day, we are energized by the potential of India’s young people. We are equally concerned about the challenges we face, and deeply aware that the decisions we make today will shape the world they will one day inherit.
“That is why, on National Child Day, by “GOD’s GRACE” we encourage all Indian’s to celebrate our children and youth, and to reflect on the obligation that we have to our children and grandchildren.”
“Each child deserves to be raised in an environment that is free of violence, discrimination, and exploitation; to grow up with proper nutrition, health care, and a good education; and to have a voice in matters that affect them, and a real, fair chance to succeed.

“The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is not committed to programs that help every child get the best possible start in life and reach their full potential. So our Organisation GOD’s GRACE is going to start working with international Organisations to create environments where all children are treated with dignity and respect, and given all the opportunities they need to succeed.”
“While the world has made significant progress in advancing children’s rights since the introduction of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, there is still a lot of work to do. Millions of children and young people continue to be denied basic human rights – including education, primary health care, and personal security. Many more are forced into early marriages, recruited as child soldiers, or become victims of child labour,” Rasiq added.