Is Mehbooba aiming peaceful 2018..?


#OnlyKashmirBehindTheNews | 02 Dec 2017

Killing Militants alone will not solve Kashmir problem and it needs more humane approach to deal with the situation, remarked Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti recently.

During the thirty years of history of violent conflict in Kashmir the year 2017 till now has already seen killing of more than 200 Militants throughout length and breadth of the Kashmir valley encounters have taken place with South Kashmir seeing the most and in North Kashmir Bandipora remain the heated zone.

State apparatus and some voices appear to be confident that killing of foreign Militants is a big boost for them and are stating they are doing level best local Militants return back to home.

The public mood is unpredictable but they too are in unison pained with this thirty-year long conflict not having solution yet.
One thing is clear that all these operations and activities from State especially its important institutions could be seen involved in a most strong effort to ensure that after long time a year witness peace and thus in this regarding aiming less violent and more peaceful 2018.

The bloodshed has turned Kashmir from once being called heaven on planet to very sad place thus longing for peace is logical.
Only time will tell that whether 2018 will be peaceful or less violent in Kashmir or destiny has some other plans.

Kashmir News Bureau