The appeal of Tanveer’s family on the eve of International Day of Persons with Disabilities


Bilal Bashir Bhat
Srinagar, Dec 03 (Only Kashmir): On the eve of International Day of Persons with Disabilities the Jammu and Kashmir government organized several events in the length and breadth of Kashmir but for Tanveer Ahmad War’s family the real support to enhance the dignity and right would be only seeing their physically challenged son and lone bread-earner returning back to home who is presently behind the bars under Public Safety Act on charges of disturbing the law and order.

The conflict has its shades on all fronts of the society and when its victim recounts the ordeal it is always heart rendering, among them is the shell-shocked family of 30-year-old Tanveer Ahmad War of North Kashmir who is grieving and in deep trauma following the arrest of Tanveer in a case of disturbing law and order.
Tanveer was arrested last October 21st, in Baramulla district, of North Kashmir after an FIR had been filed against him with the police. On December 8th, the court ordered his release on bail but on the second charge, he was not released.
Ishrat Jan, the wife of Tanveer is in deep pain but her spirit is feisty. She is prepared for a fight to get her husband lodged in a jail under the Public Safety Act (PSA), back home to safety. The worried family has been seeking intervention of the people of conscience to get out their son from jail where his health is deteriorating with every passing day.
“Tanveer who has never walked two steps on his feet since birth is lone bread-earner of the family and should be free without further delay, at least on humanitarian grounds, said one of the neighbors of Tanveer .”
Not only the Tanveer’s family there are hundreds of other families who are desperate to see their sons back to home, among them are families of the downtown Old City youth who are arrested in the senior police officer’s lynching case. Many families mostly in South Kashmir recently also made emotional appeals to their militant sons to shun the path of violence and return home. (OK)