Two Cousin Sisters in old City stole one million rupees from home


Srinagar, Dec 11 (Only Kashmir): Two Cousin Sisters along with their friend were released on bail after spending a week in jail following they were found guilty in a robbery case of over 11 lakh rupees which took place at their home at Rainawari area of old city Srinagar in Kashmir Valley.
According to a police official, under a case at Rainawari police station FIR number 111/2017 three girls who have recently completed professional degrees were arrested after they confessed the crime of robbery of over Rs 11 lakh from house of their maternal grandfather in old city Srinagar.
The Police cracked the case within 10 days, thanks to a shopkeeper who had noticed the registration number of the Auto rickshaw who was hired to transport the trunk from Rainawari to Foreshore Road near Kashmir University.
Following the investigation the Auto driver was summoned by police to identify the exact location where he dropped the girls along with trunk. The police reached the spot and sought the CCTV footage where two cousin sisters and their friend were identified.
The trio told police that they believed it was harmless to rob their own grandfather who pointed fingers at his daughter in law in the case. According to sources one cousin gave her share of money to her boy-friend to start his own business, another two girls kept the money at their homes. (OK)