Moral Decay in Kashmir- A call of concern


Kashmir News Bureau
Srinagar, Feb 05 (KNB): Moral Decay and Kashmir have unfortunately become synonymous terms with growing crimes , increased social evils and moral waywardness becoming norm; as the conflict and turmoil is prolonging so is the moral decay of the Kashmir society.
Heinous crimes previously unheard in Kashmir are now taking place on regular basis and scandals related to immorality too are surfacing without any stoppage.
Newborns left over by parents is another gory crime defining our moral decay as very recently a new born was left to dogs in Lal Ded Hospital garbage dumping site.
In a heart-wrenching incident, a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag was dumped at a garbage site at Srinagar’s Lal Ded Hospital. This was the third baby abandoned in two weeks.
Increasing drug addiction among youth, searching cyber world for negative things is another height of immorality that Kashmir is moving towards. On the other hand , the instances of domestic violence against women have increased and sexual crimes against children are also on rise.

Mufti Bilal Al Qasmi, a noted religious scholar while talking to Kashmir News Bureau stated “Today we are witnessing moral decay in every important sphere of life in Kashmir and our youth are spending their day and night under the shade of drugs.The basic cause of rising crimes and moral decay in our society is lack of proper monitoring of children by their parents as they show no interest in monitoring activities of their kids as a result we witness our younger generation going towards wrong activities. We need to be accountable as family leaders and everyone should fulfill his role and then we can save Kashmir society from further destruction.”
The murder of gold Smith in Sopore, rape and murder of Ashifa in Kathua, Arrest of Molvi for sexually assaulting the boy in North Kashmir are the recent examples of heinous episodes taking place in the restless society in our part of the world. Every study and survey has highlighted the growing social evils and moral degradation in Kashmir.
Sheikh Sameer, a research scholar said –“The moral decay of the Kashmiri society is evident. Heinous crimes taking place on regular basis and surfacing of rancorous scams and scandals has come to define what one call the speedy moral decay of the society. We cannot just talk conflict and conflict or politics and ignore the burning issues hampering our society. Moral decay on overall paradigms is a very serious concern that should be fought before it destroys the entire fabric of our society.”
In order to reclaim the peervar (land of saints) the sane voices are calling to launch an effective campaign against moral decay and waywardness in Kashmir. (KNB)