Communal forces in Jammu set ablaze camps of Rohingya Muslims


Srinagar, Feb 12 (Only Kashmir): In backdrop of the militant attack on Jammu based army camp, the communal forces in Jammu have allegedly set ablaze the camps of Rohingya refugee Muslims in Chani Rama area of Gandhi Nagar Jammu.
Sources told that following the controversial remarks of J&K Legislative Assembly Speaker and right-wing party BJP leader Kavinder Gupta on Thursday in which he alleged the attack on army camp at Sunjwan in Jammu took place due to presence of Rohingya refugees resulted in provocation of the communal forces in area, who unsuccessfully attempt to set ablaze the camps of Rohingya refugees last night.

A video that has gone viral on social media depicts that three masked man while showering the kerosene oil on camp tried to set ablaze them, besides asking refugees to vacate the place.
Sources added that threatening posters also appeared in and around the camps asking refugees to leave the place.
Pertinent to mention here, the Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu is being represented by Kavinder Gupta in State Assembly who alleged that the attack took place due to presence of Rohingya refugees in the area.
The Rohingya are fleeing a campaign of indiscriminate violence by Myanmar’s military, whose tactics are being widely condemned as a form of ethnic cleansing.

According to figures shared by the Development and Justice Initiative (DAJI), a non-governmental organization that works with the UNHCR, and based on UNHCR data, there are an estimated 10,000 Rohingya refugees living in India. Approximately 5,700 live in and around the city of Jammu in Indian-administered Kashmir, although some sources claim the number could, in fact, be much higher. (OK)