DSEK seeks supply of books within two days to ‘save funds’


Bilal Bashir Bhat
Srinagar Mar 15 (KNB): In a bid to allegedly save the funds allotted to Directorate School Education Kashmir (DSEK) and mar the due processes it is learnt for purchase of books for distribution among high and higher secondary schools the department has surprisingly asked the booksellers/publishers to ensure the supply in a short span of time just within two days.
The Director School Education Kashmir under its order no: DSEK/CEW/18/1244-54, dated 14/03/2018 has asked the suppliers to ensure the supply of books recommended by the apex committee for distribution in high and higher secondary schools within two days for the issuance of order.
The booksellers/publishers while expressing anguish and surprise over the order of DSEK said that the stipulated time of just two days seems a deliberate attempt to avoid the purchase of books as it is by all logic and rationale impossible to ensure supply in short span of time.

Sheikh Waseem a local publisher while talking to Kashmir News Bureau said “the order issued by DSEK seems a ploy to avoid the purchase of books to save funds as it was very much impossible for the booksellers and publishers to ensure supply in two days.”
Another publisher Sheikh Mohammad Muzzafar while talking to KNB said that they have to order books from outside the Valley from different publishers which undoubtedly take at least 5-6 working days as such the order seems clearly to avoid purchasing aimed to save the funds.
Pertinently, 216 books have been recommended by the apex committee for distribution from 42 state based booksellers/publishers. All these negative tactics by those at helm also have over the years negatively impacted academic scenario in Kashmir.
Meanwhile, Kashmir News Bureau repeatedly tried to call Director School Education Kashmir Mr. G.N Yatoo but his phone was switched off. (KNB)