3-days special training for use of Pellet bullets in Kashmir


New Delhi, Mar 03 (KNB): The Government of India (GOI) is conducting 3-days special training for use of less lethal weapons/ ammunitions in which theory/ practical on riot drill, weapons/ equipments, law & order in J&K, firing practice with less lethal weapon/ equipment are imparted.
Minister of State for Home Affairs, Hansraj Gangaram Ahir informed Lok Sabha on Tuesday that GOI had constituted an Expert Committee on 26.07.2016 to explore other possible alternatives to Pellet Guns as non-lethal weapons. The Committee has submitted its report and the recommendations have been taken into account by the Government for appropriate implementation.

“Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been adopted by Jammu and Kashmir Police including law enforcing agencies for dispersal of unlawful assembly and as per the SOP less lethal weapons should be used as per the established use-of-force policy.”
“The use of force is guided by objectives of restoring peace, dispersal of violent unlawful assembly with use of such force as is required to minimize the casualty but without compromising safety for Law Enforcement Elements and peace loving citizens. The hierarchy of usage of forces inter-alia includes use of rubber bullet/ plastic bullets,” the minister added. (KNB)