Crowdnewsing agency transferred 1.8 million rupees in Kathua victim parent’s account


Bilal Bashir Bhat
New Delhi, April 26 (KNB): An online campaign agency which earlier raised two million rupees with reference to Kathua’s rape-and-murder of an eight-year-old nomadic Muslim Bakerwal community girl in a bid to help her family has transferred the Rs 1.8 million to the parent’s of victim family.
Sources told Kashmir News Bureau (KNB) that online fundraising agency ‘Crowdnewsing’ in its latest campaign raised funds of Rs 40,61,970 from 1573 contributors jointly for Kathua and Unnao victims under which Rs 18,46,774 were transferred to Kathua victim parent’s account.

The financial assistance for the Kathua family have been transferred directly from the RBI-approved escrow account operated by Ketto online pvt ltd (the crowdfunding platform used for this campaign) into the account of the victim’s family – there are no intermediaries involved.
“An amount of 18,46,774 has been transferred into the joint account of the Kathua victim’s parents on April 24, 2018, reads a statement of Crowdnewsing, adding, “No NGO, activist, lawyers or other citizens have received any funds or commissions from this crowdfunding effort. Campaign costs and taxes have been described in the previous update. Do not let rumour mongering and fake news affect our resolve to stand by the truth.”
Earlier talking to (KNB) Mr. Anand Mangnale, Director and Co-Founder Crowdnewsing said the total amount of 40,61,970 will be equally distributed among the families of Kathua and Unnao victims to pursue their cases.
“The amount raised by our campaign stands in the official account of Crowdnewsing and as soon as the amount get liquidated by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) the families of both victims will get the amount in form of cheques,” Mangnale added.
Meanwhile, the Kathua victim’s father has sounded overwhelmed by the support and hoped this financial support will help their other children to get better education. (KNB)