Bilal Bashir Bhat 
Undoubtedly the sacred month of Ramadan is a season of adding good deeds to our account by observing fast and offering prayers, but in a real sense, the philosophy of this month is to conduct self-observation, introspection for the reasons not being able to confront our human frailties squarely. It is an opportunity to rejuvenate spiritually and human nature. The sacred month Ramadan pacifies our behavior, opinion, and passion for incorrigible bad deeds.

Ramadan being a sacred bridge builder for dialogue and understanding provides golden opportunity to change our behavior of being undivided in the name of ideological differences, casteism, and political affiliation as it improves the understanding of the true Islamic.
It transforms fasting into an institution that elevates the human soul to unprecedented heights. Its objective is to give the man the power to keep in check his unruly desires and tendencies that make him prone to greed, revenge, anger, provocation and fear; that makes him commit various sins, acts of aggression, cruelty, and oppression.
Ramadan strengthens our will-power as we learn to rise above our lower desires. The institution of fasting is both unique and shared experience in human history.
Ramadan demands to learn social solidarity and brotherhood and disassociation from harming human fellows in one and another pretext. The individuals on priority should change their character into a good one and practice it.

There is a high need to come under the umbrella of humanity to eliminate any superficial differences, and to focus instead on unity, peace, deliberations, discussions, dialogue, patience and hope for the larger interest of the land we live in.
The time of Ramadan is an opportunity for all of us to seek the forgiveness of those whom you might have offended accidentally or deliberately. In this way, we can benefit much more from fasting and prayers.
May Allah strengthen our faith in him, forgive us our sins and establish Taqwa in our hearts even after Ramadan. (END)

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