Ramadan Ceasefire offers hope for lasting peace


Srinagar, June 06 (KNB): In a big step forward recently the central government on May 16 asked security forces not to launch operations in Jammu & Kashmir during the holy month of Ramadan. However, made it clear security Forces to reserve the right to retaliate if attacked or if essential to protect the lives of innocent people.
The ushering of ceasefire has offered a hope for lasting peace in the Kashmir valley among masses and sane voices. In the backdrop of heavy bloodshed, the Ramadan ceasefire by Central Government has so far offered refreshing winds of change.
Kashmir News Bureau talked to eminent voices to see their reactions and outlook on the ceasefire.

Tahir Syed, Youth leader of PDP and Media Analyst’ in CM’s Office stated – “Ramadan Ceasefire decision was a significant step towards lasting peace, to an extent we have been successful in curbing the flow of violence as a result people have sighed heave of relief. Only few unfortunate acts of violence have acted in the bad taste. We are the worst sufferers of the Kashmir conflict and it is responsibility of militants and separatists to reciprocate the same and help in peace building. The army is acting only when infiltration takes place. It is the need of the hour to end bloodshed and both state and central government are taking steps in this regard.”
Political analysts are also offering a positive outlook on the situation
Ilyas Ahmad, a Political Analyst, while talking to the Kashmir News Bureau stated – “Violence and bloodshed is no solution to issues and disputes as innocents bear the worst brunt of the conflict. Ramadan ceasefire is a welcome step and it can become base for a larger peace process and it has been welcomed by all sane sections of the society. The ceasefire should be strengthened by all sides so that genuine things are churned out and taken up for the dialogue. We need to create peaceful atmosphere then only the resolution comes out of vexed issues. People are feeling relaxed and have taken sigh of relief after the announcement of ceasefire. We are hoping that ceasefire would take us to dialogue and our state will once again witness era of peace and prosperity.”

The opposition has its own take on the ceasefire
Youth National Conference (YNC) President Salman Sagar, while talking to the Kashmir News Bureau stated – “I believe with continued incidents of violence and deaths the Ramadan ceasefire is not overall going well. The ceasefire just from one side is not going to bring us peace dividends and to end bloodshed ceasefire should happen from militants as well as security forces side. The situation on the borders is also quite painful. To add to the woes, the different tones spoken by union ministers on the issue of ceasefire are complicating the matters and also the state government has also not done its homework properly with reference to ceasefire.”

Even on the online world ceasefire offer of the central government was welcomed
“Ceasefire announcement by Government of India is a welcome step. Hope militants will also reciprocate and make this ceasefire a success. It’s a golden opportunity for both India and Separatists to use this ceasefire as a bridge to narrow gaps. This opportunity can serve as a trust-building measure and ultimately Hurriyat can enter into a dialogue with government of India. If taken seriously this can help us stop the bloodshed that’s going on since last 29 years. Need of the hour is to extended this ceasefire exactly on the same pattern of Nagaland. I hope and pray for the success of this ceasefire,” reads a Facebook status of a netizen which later evoked a positive response in comment box.
The ground analysis is that ceasefire offer by the Central government should be reciprocated by all and see to it Kashmir witnesses an era of peace and progress once again. (KNB)