Yogi Adityanath’s bakhts found in Sanat Nagar Srinagar

I categorically told them it is not some Taliban or Hindutva RSS regime that is ruling us so we will resist this public harassment of boys and girls.


Only Kashmir News Desk
Srinagar, Aug 11 (Only Kashmir): Yes you correctly read, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath’s Bakhts (followers) anti-Romeo squard were Saturday found roaming at Sanat Nagar outskirts Srinagar in a park. The bakhts who pretended as policeman fanned out a public park in area and asked the girls present there to show mobile for the reasons what they say to stop ‘social evils.’
Here is the full story shared by a local Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikander with Onlykashmir[dot]in:

“No to Moral Policing: Today evening I alongwith my two friends were conversing in Sanat Nagar Housing Colony Park. I reside in the same colony near the public park. Two young men were hoarding a couple(the girl in complete hijabi veil) and asking them if they were brother-sister. Among the two one was pestering her for handing over her mobile and giving him his father’s cell phone number. They both looked frightened. I alongwith my friend intervened to which the two men stated that they were from Police station, Saddar, Baghat in civvies.
They started asking me my residence and my designation, to which I responded making it clear that I would not allow moral policing in the public park. I demanded identity cards from them and they told me to come along with them to Sadder police station. I declined and they stated they had left their identity cards at the police station only. I categorically told them it is not some Taliban or Hindutva RSS regime that is ruling us so we will resist this public harassment of boys and girls. If these spaces are curtailed then the youth will be forced to create underground and private spaces.

Then an old man joined the discourse and started cramming Islam and attacking us using garb of religion. I politely told him that even Islam doesn’t debar decent and honest interaction of opposite genders. If we curtail the decent interaction we invite youth to indulge in wrongful physical relationships. Adultery, Fornication (Zina) is committed in closed doors not in public parks. Yes if there are youth who indulge in eve teasing, drug abuse and social evils they should be handed over to the police, if that can mitigate the problems, otherwise police is one of the most corrupt departments in Kashmir.
The alleged policemen left the venue showering choicest invectives saying that we will not intervene even if there is public fornication. In public parks youth maintain decency and many youth girls and boys were there for spending quality time and some were there for completing assignments. They all fled the park in panic. But I am happy that I stood up for our right to public spaces. Lastly my friend aptly told that even IGP and Court has no right to intervene in the personal lives of two consenting people. (End)