Poetics from Paradise: As we waited for the martyr


 As we waited for the martyr
In midst of blazing hurricane
Drenched in his own blood
Not to be given the last ablution
Sanctified his blood is now
More than even the zam zam
The body that remained denied
For many hours that seemed
Replica of judgement day enacted
On earth by artificial gods
Who live under the false illusion
Of buying our permanent obedience
With Guns, Military and Bureaucracy
My each martyr is manifestation
Of my anger, defiance, resistance
What the enemy presumes
Elimination is factually acknowledgement
That he has failed till eternity
To distract, discipline and distort
My history, marital spirit, resistance
Each martyr of my land is
Reticent, Relic and Response,
To persecution, subjugation and militarization

Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikandar