Shah Faesal begins his political innings, vows to resolve Kashmir issue


Kupwara, Feb 04 (Only Kashmir): IAS officer turned politician Shah Faesal on Monday begins his political innings by addressing thousands of people at Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) here in frontier district from his home turf Kupwara.
Amid high pitched slogans, Shah Faesal said that he was perturbed to see situation emerging in Kashmir from past 10 years. He said the atrocities taking place in Kashmir forced him to resign and now he wants to do something for the people. “Let us take all political parties on board to pave for the resolution of Kashmir issue,” Faesal said adding that solution to Kashmir imbroglio has become inevitable.
“My people have suffered immensely due to Kashmir problem. I just want to give a respite to the people. We should and need to talk Kashmir issue. It is this issue that has been source of continuous misery. People who are at helm of affairs lack conscience and don’t come up with solutions to this vexed problem,” he said.
Shah Faesal lambasted those who indulge in corrupt political practices and propagate corruption for their benefits.
“Corruption has rotten the whole system. In the US I realized that change can be brought in Kashmir. I am not an alternative but addition and want to bring massive change in the society. Our Ph.D. scholars have been martyred while people enjoy in their armchairs and Kashmiris offer sacrifices and people keep saying that boys pelt stones for Rs 500,” Faesal said.
“For the last 10 years, you might have thought I was serving the government, I was literally in a jail. I saw excesses and torture. I was telling myself that I was doing injustice to myself,” he said.
Inputs: CNS