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Allow election boycott campaign, if you believe in democracy: Yasin Malik

Posted on Friday, March 17th, 2017 by Online Editor

Allow election boycott campaign, if you believe in democracy: Yasin Malik

Srinagar, Mar 17 (Only Kashmir): Terming election boycott as a democratic right of people, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday said if ruling dispensation truly believe in democratic norms and ethics they should allow election boycott campaign of the resistance camp.

In a statement issued to, Yasin Malik said voting or not voting is a democratic right of every one but when on one side election process is facilitated and contrary to that pro-boycott people are terrorized and put in jails ,this process reduces to a mere military or police operation.

Terming election boycott as a democratic right of people, Yasin Malik said that casting or boycotting vote is a democratic right of every human being but when election process is facilitated and pro-boycott people are terrorized, raided, arrested and put in jails, this process is reduced to merely a military operation.

He said that on one hand so-called rulers provided every facilitation to those campaigning for elections but on other hand military and police might is used to curb and suppress the voices of those who want to boycott these elections and use their democratic right to boycott. This is like trampling democracy in the name of democracy, asserted Yasin Malik.

He said that if so-called rulers really believe in democracy, battle of ideas and freedom of speech and choice, they should refrain from terrorizing pro-boycott people and allow resistance camp to run a boycott campaign in a peaceful way. Terming participation in election process and voting as disrespecting sacrifices, JKLF chairman said that elections for assemblies and Indian parliament have been used to hoodwink international opinion on Kashmir.

He said that from 1947 people of Jammu Kashmir have sacrificed Lakhs for achieving birth right of freedom and last seven months have witnessed an upsurge in this. How can we take part in elections for those assemblies and parliaments and vote for those tyrants and oppressors who facilitated the killings of hundreds of our loved ones and are responsible for blinding and maiming thousands and are continuously denying us our birth right of freedom? How can we vote to strengthen those who even did not spare 6 year old Kaneeza at Haihama recently? While appealing people to boycott upcoming by-elections for Indian parliament, Yasin Malik said that it is our moral duty to safeguard our sacrifices and keep ourselves away from voting.

He said that election boycott campaign announced by united resistance leadership should be followed in letter and spirit and every Kashmiris should refrain from participating in the sham process that is detrimental to our just cause and legitimizing illegal occupation.


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