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‘Darbar move a wasteful exercise’

Posted on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 by Online Editor

‘Darbar move a wasteful exercise’

(Only Kashmir may be or may not be agree with the views express in this Column)

By: Mirza Idrees Ul Haq Beigh

Darbar Move is a regular exercise of shifting the secretariat and all other government offices from Srinagar to Jammu and vice versa in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It involves housing offices from May to October in State’s summer capital, Srinagar and rest six months in its winter capital, Jammu. The folklore of Move was started by Maharaja Ranbir Singh during the Dogra rule in 1872. But in today’s modern world of communiqué it is a wasteful exercise.
If Jammu & Kashmir High court and other private institutions can operate from both the places, why not civil secretariat? The wasteful expenditure on Darbar Move can be utilised for providing jobs to the unemployed youth of the state.
I request to state government to fork the departments by creating separate directorates on the outline of DIC headed by common secretaries which to a large extent could save the state exchequer from the evitable expenditure incurred on Darbar move every year. The establishments used for the move purpose are rendered useless when employees are in other capital of the state, so the state loses chance of revenue that could be generated from the vacant estates. This figure runs in tens of crores of rupees” “Apart from losses the state incurs due to shifting of employees and departments, industrialists of state too suffer as they have to stir to Jammu for official works. There is a fiscal and opportunity loss by Secretariat move, time loss in wadding and reopening of records/files.
I request to the state government to salt away these losses, & give a serious thought to bringing this practice to an end. I further request the honourable Chief justice of State high court to entertain this news item as a PIL against the Darbar move.


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