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Iftaar Parties or Publicity Stunts

Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2016 by Online Editor

Iftaar Parties or Publicity Stunts

Bilal Bashir Bhat | 24 June 2016 
What is the outcome of Iftaar parties thrown by all the high ups except that these lavish extravaganza gains them cheap publicity in media.
Nowadays we have Iftaar parties to set up records instead of pleasing Almighty in the sacred month of Ramadan. The irony is for mere publicity and perhaps to fill pockets people are now asked to sponsor these parties, which shows the heights of ignorance.
Invariably, any writer, lawyer, painter, singer or a reputed intellectual are not seen on these occasions, completely ignored by those who play hosts to these eating bouts. Yes, a section of media persons are invited without fail because they provide undue publicity to the hosts.
This is the total bankruptcy of their social consciousness and respect for this dignified section of the social life.
The parties are mainly thrown either by a rich segment of the men in power or by who have amassed wealth worth crores and are regularly receiving huge chunks of money from various corners, but have never cared for those downtrodden and hapless people who are dependent in many respects and always look forward to have some monitory help from these neo-riches. This dream is shattered when they find that lakhs of rupees are wasted on Iftaar parties and not a single penny is given to them as Zakaat or in charity.
The recent Iftaar party by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to orphan girls was hailed by one and all and should be a common practice of all the hosts, however not on the roads.
Unfortunately there are the elements who deliver sermons particularly during the month of fasting that weaker sections of the society should not be ignored and they should not be allowed to be left without food or other necessities of life in Ramadan. Their shallow claims get exposed when they spend portions of clandestinely received money on Iftaar parties but not for the help of a deserved poor person living in penury and poverty.
Shame on these ruthless enemies of the people!


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