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Meet Arshid Dar, master of all trades

Posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 by Online Editor

Meet Arshid Dar, master of all trades

Only Kashmir | March 14 , 2017
Arshid Dar, the Grandson of prominent Kashmiri Singer Ghulam Mohammad Dar is continuing the legacy of latter, by one way or the other. Filmmaker to a well know TV Host, from a sportsman to a journalist, from a columnist to artist, he has gained all the ingredients for becoming someone who will be known as Master of all Trades.
A man with beard and smile on his face was born in Barbarshah area of Srinagar City in a family of 2 brothers and a sister, Arshid Dar has many professions on his shoulders.
People in Kashmir know him as TV host via shows like UsDin,Take 1 Sports, Hungama, Kashmir Kids, Faryad, Adbhi Diary, Ek Mulagat ,Ek Fankar, Khas Baat and Infocus. Some know him as the voice which narrates the romantic poetry program ‘Tanhaiya’ and current affairs program ‘InFocus’ and some know him as the filmmaker who is known for showcasing cultural, entertainment, human, conflict, educational issues in a movie and for some he is that host who is often hold proceedings at SKICC,Kashmir University and Tagore Hall.
“Ten years of experience has taught me many things, things have never been easy for all of us, same is the case of me. First people
will laugh at you, then they will watch as well as laugh at you, then they will criticize you. People’s criticism is very important for someone who wants to go against the wind, accepting productive and mature criticism is the rectifying process for a pragmatic person. That is what I believe and that is what I learned and worked upon always,” says Arshid.
“Two things are my pushing force first one is the good thing about creative work is that your mind is always searching for extraordinary minute things and those things always tease your mind to think in a different way,” he added.
Parents of Arshid are more than happy and satisfied because their son is continuing the legacy of his Grand Father. Arshid is also known as a Social worker in Srinagar, in Sep 2014 floods he voluntarily rescued people along with his team and distributed flood relief for the flood hit people. He is also supporting Orphanages in different cultural and artistic work under his Non Profit Organization.
When asked how he will describe his journey upto now, to which he replied,
“Maii Akela hiii chala tha Janib e Manzil magar
Log miltay gaye aur Karwan Bantaa gaya’’ (Translate yourself)


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