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RJ Rahul Makin in conversation with

Posted on Sunday, January 29th, 2017 by Online Editor

RJ Rahul Makin in conversation with

Srinagar, Jan 29 (Only Kashmir): The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other Android applications may have diverted the mind of people particularly that of youngsters from listening Radio but its audience in large numbers still exist globally. Radio is only among few mediums which perhaps didn’t need the support of Internet. A large number of people overtly or covertly are linked with this type of ages old means of communication. In Jammu and Kashmir we have also a lot of such people who gained fame and name by choosing Radio Jockeying as profession, among them is Rahul Makin who unlike other self styled RJ’s is not depended on Facebook and self praising. In a special interview with Rahul Makin talks to RJ Arsh Dar. Here are some excerpts of the Interview:
AD: Rahul you belong to Jammu you started your career from Big FM as Radio Jockey (RJ), what would be your message to those who are willing to choose this profession but lack the guidance?
RM: First of all I would like thank you for conducting this interview, secondly there is no doubt that the people of J&K have lot of raw talent in this field but a proper guidance and polishing is their basic need. There are many professional FM station in Jammu, Delhi and other places where they can go for internship. Instead of going through a course I suggest them to work practically with some professional RJs to gain hand to hand experience.
AD: You said about internship, is there any particular formality for the same?
RM: No, it is a profession you only need willingness, a graduate is must because only after the age of 21 a person is enough mature to choose his/her way of professionalism. Today we see everyone is in the run of fame, though it is not a bad thing but it comes only through hard work. Interested people can contact me I’m always available for help in respect to internship.
AD: You started from Jammu now you are working with Fever 104 a Delhi-based radio station, how will you rate both the working places?
RM: To be frankly I had no intention to leave my state, but destiny had something more for me, when I was offered job in Delhi, I feared what will happen to my fans in twin cities of Srinagar and Jammu. What I had gained in J&K I missed it badly. I had to start from zero. It was prayers of my fans I also shined here too.
AD: What are the main ethics of Radio Jockeying?
RM: When I started here I went through three months course from Ahmadabad. You must be a regular newspaper reader. Though being an RJ you are not allowed to share news while delivering professional duties. Religion, Politics and Sex are the subjects which are totally not allowed in jockeying. Bollywood and Cricket are among such subject which maximum audience like to listen.
AD: How much you miss your fans in Kashmir?
RM: I have no word to tell you how much I miss them. I am trying my best to reach to the Kashmir audience. I used to upload some of my shows on Youtube. People can follow me there by my name.
AD: How would like you to comment on your ‘golden’ voice?
RM: Laughs, It is about inheritance, in this case credit goes to my father.
AD: What is your message to those Kashmiries who are looking to join you in this profession?
RM: I would like to suggest them not to be the prisoners of geographical boundaries and they should try to differentiate between professionalism and self styling. Grow more and explore more places I am here to assist you at any point.
AD: Please one couplet for listeners?
RM: Lana hai ahsaas ko khayal kay kagaz par, darta hun tere tasveer na banjaye, Ye mamla dil ka hai hal kar de ise Moula, kahi ye dard-e-mohabbat be Masla-e-Kashmir na ban jaye. (ENDS)


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