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Statements of Extremism Highly Condemnable

Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 by Online Editor

Statements of Extremism Highly Condemnable

Only Kashmir | Waseem Reza | 16 May 2017
There may be possibility of differences in opinion but we all belong to one nation and on humanitarian bases we have to promote peace, brotherhood and security within each other. Threats of beheading on account of moderate are highly condemnable, Zakir Musa’s statement depicts extremism and such thoughts could only defame the identity of Islam and Kashmir.

Islam is the religion of peace and Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the mercy for all mankind. ISIS, Taliban and Alqaeda created by imperialistic powers to divert attention from Zionist Israel. These outfits on the name of Islam badly wounded Ummah and also responsible for destabilizing peace in Muslim countries. As a Muslim our duty is to present real image of Islam and Kashmiriyat based on brotherhood and communal harmony.

Surely Kashmir issue demands logic based movement but our leadership sacrificed a lot for its solution. In Kashmir our intelligentsia and academia like Mirwaiz Farooq, Dr.Guru, Abdul Gani Lone, Moulana Showkat Shah and others became the victim of hatred and grudges.

We need to learn the lessons from past incidents and stop acting over selves to be the knowing and unknowing agents of enemies. Time demands the awakening about the conspiracies of USA – Israel and their allies against Islam, unity, and humanity. (OK)



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