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“Stop lecturing for God Sake”

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 by Online Editor

“Stop lecturing for God Sake”

Only Kashmir | Rameez Makhdoomi | 10 Feb 2016
It has been noticed that some morality owls and fake English parrots are trying to malign the image of Kashmiries by posting the baseless so-called reports to defame the image of Kashmiries particularly the youth.
Under a conspiracy some dynastic journalists are repeatedly compiling some fake reports by portraying fake statistics with reference to drug addiction or vulgarity in Kashmir.
By sharing or commenting such links on facebook and twitter without verifying the reports you are becoming the part of such conspiracies amid to malign the image of the people of Kashmir.
This shit head thinking of portraying every girl or boy studying outside as immoral and this fake statistics of proving every boy and girl as drug addict reflects their moral bankruptcy.
We know all that social evils have been part of every society and will continue till end so chill we as a society of Kashmir are million times better than others. So chill and stop lecturing. (OK)
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