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THE IRONY OF SPRING-Poem dedicated to Pellet Victims

Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 by Online Editor

India Kashmir Lost Eyes Photo Essay

The spring is here!
But she cannot see.
It’s colored and clear,
But she cannot see!
It must have been greener,
Cleaner and shinier…
Last spring.
It must have been saner,
Colorful and prettier…
Last spring.
It must have been blooming,
Enchanting, romancing!
Last spring.
It must’ve been fairer,
Brighter and lighter…
Last spring.
This year she see’s color,
And it is only black.
And this spring there are birds,
But she can only hear!
The blooms are fuller,
But she can only smell…
The spring is here,
But she can only feel!
It is  a lovely spring,
But she cannot see…
But they cannot see…
But I cannot see!
-Aiman Banday (anb)-


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