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US is rolling out new global weal manifesto: President Trump

Posted on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 by Online Editor

US is rolling out new global weal manifesto: President Trump

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi

Washington, April 03 (Only Kashmir): Donald Jarald Trump, US President, has said that America is rolling out a new global manifesto for the collective progress of humanity studded with complete peace and calm and technical research. ‘This is my life mission. This shall be my solid contribution towards grand welfare of humanity irrespective of any political or religious affiliation anywhere in the world’, he said.

The President during his maiden interview from Washington D.C. with Daily Pakistan Observer was upbeat about this program saying that he would use his personal as well as presidential influence to get on one stage the leaders of the member states of the United Nations Organization to get a good and working centrality. America, he explained, stands for the betterment of the world peoples, and wants to see the communities of the world well educated, progressive.

He said that it was in the American Constitution to have happiness for each citizen and ‘we want to spread this benign benefit to all four corners of the globe. In this regard, he said, I want willing cooperation of leaders and institutions of the individual countries. It is time to re-build the world which stood shattered since WW-II and afterwards happenings.

Replying a question the President said that for global weal America would like to set up Cultural and Commercial Hub across the globe. That program would provide hundreds of thousands of jobs to the youth of both genders. It is within our economic framework to end joblessness not only from America but from the face of the earth.

He said: We the peoples of the world are trustees of the earth and fortune making of every global citizen is our firm obligation which we all have to fulfill together. I believe in global team work. Lonely flight is of no use. We are the globalist. World is flying upward to the mars and moons and now we together would have to think to inhabitate the upper atmosphere for greater good of earthly masses and of moons and mars.

Reply another question the President of USA said that he would undertake in near future global tours in phases to meet the leaders of the countries. There are seven continents and it would take time. Next year he plans to call a Global Leaders Conclave in Washington D. C. to discuss how best the global leaders team can make fast progress and can achieve tangible results and settle disputes peacefully.

Answering a question on Kashmir issue the President said that America wants that both Pakistan and India should settle this peacefully and in harmoniously manner. This is our considered policy, he added. “We want friendly. close and cooperative relations with People’s Republic of China in mutual development in the global arena”, he said.

To another question the President said that he has not made anything for himself; he is alone and wishes to use his enegies for the uplift of the humanity. America to me is part of humanity, explained.


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  1. syed hameed shaheen alvi says:

    Brother Bilal Bashir Bhat Ji I am grateful for publishing that unfolds his new global policies of building bridges of friendship. US President Donald Jarald Trump’s comprehensive interview that unfolds his policies of friendship and global welfare.

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