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WORLD DISABILITY DAY: Plus Minus of the disability

Posted on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 by Online Editor

WORLD DISABILITY DAY: Plus Minus of the disability

Only Kashmir | Abdul Hameed Dar | 03 December 2016

My attempt in this write up is to briefly convince the reader that there are certain wrong notions and myths about the person with Disabilities. But who is going to convince them that these are very special physical people and should not be taken or written off as a segment of the society. Who are in any way a Burden on the Society in General. But Mind it, they are Millions of Dollars worth group People and persons laden with very specialized levels of willpower, Grit and determination levels and accept their disabilities bestowed by the Lord.
They are Brave Tolerant and wonderful souls. For able bodied person- their whole body is in normal flow and coordination while contrary a physically challenged soul he has to overcome his Physical Area of difficulty. Hence always in Stress Pain and in Agony. Just recollect when we twist our Ankle, Elbows, Arms, or Get Fractures. How much worried and stressful we become.
Since they live with pain and with their Disabilities for the rest of their lives, they thus become the Allah Tabarak Wa Tallas Favorites and join Ranks and the files of the “SABIREEN”. The tolerant people with disabilities are dependent directly or indirectly on their family members friends and relatives, as they need their support, help, and care thus indirectly uncalculating a family bondage which is missing with the people or Persons in the Rush of their life’s.
Disability Brings slowness in life and they are cool and calculated and hence they start pondering about the things around and Fall in line with the “KHALIQ” of this Universe. Thus subjecting their Respective Life’s to Introspection and Transform them in Pious souls. And they are not carried by the Miraj of this Worldly Glories. They take Initiative from small things even a bird roaring high in the sky- Inspires them to break the Shakels of their Disabilities which they do-Even a Tree which grows at one place. Gives us flowers – Folliage.


Fruit and seeds, leaves and bears the blunt of the autumn and the winter months and sustains the period and again comes to life and activity. So if a tree could do all this – why can’t we In-sha-Allah. So keep your moral high and never tilt under pressure. Again your Disability can become a measuring Rod or a test dose for you in person or to your Family Member/ Friends/ Relatives alike as you can make it out at Random or check the people or persons who stood by your side and helped you out in the hour of crises or in need or just pulled their Rugs- so Advantage Disability. I am of the opinion that people with Disabilities are having two souls one Able soul and other the disable soul. They become able soul once a disabled person like a fighter they enter in the contention of life with able-bodied persons and join hands with them and give them challenge show mental resilience and does not succumb to pressure and in turn do good to themselves.
There are hundred and thousand examples where the people even with physical Disabilities have won over their Physical disabilities by their share strong will power and determination level and have scaled the tall mountain Peaks, participated in Olympics games, participated Marathon Races. Entered in W.W.F, Wrestling Arenas and excelled in all shades in life.
About Disable soul. It is now a past time thinking and stand Buried by the present Generation and that is the reason where ever they go, they are Respected, Given a helping hand and that is why a speeding vehicle comes to a Grinding Hault while spotting a physically challenged person Blows Horns of his Vehicle (A God of Honour) in Acknowledgment of your presence on the Road. A Passing by Person or a pious soul or a gracious kind lady gives their kind Good wishes or utter few words of prayers for your well being Etc. Etc. So people or persons with Disabilities are Gods own People. Let us all salute their level of tolerance, courage and their desire to be in competition although with so much of stress and physical pain Since they laugh on their Physical challenges of their life’s. Hence a challenge becomes no challenges for them. So comrades keep your morals and head High. Let us march on and on Insha-Allah as life means Business. So Keep Living on these notions of life.
The writer (Physically Challenged) is former Dy. General Manager JK Tourism Department.


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